Starting Out on Yoga? Here are Top Beginner Tips on How to Get the Most out of Yoga

September 14, 2017 no comments Posted in Yoga for beginners

It’s no big secret that yoga boasts myriad benefits. From sprucing up your mental health to losing weight and everything in-between, the value of yoga in your life is absolute. Starting out on yoga, however, isn’t always a walk in the park.

Try below tips to ace your first yoga experience and get the most out of it.

Food and Drinks

It’s important that you don’t consume any food one or two hours prior to your yoga practice. You can only drink a little water well before the session, but not during practice. Consuming sugar, alcohol or caffeine, however, is a big no-no.

Choose a Great Yoga Teacher

Sure, you can get useful information from tutorial videos and yoga books. However, it’s much more enjoyable and easier to pick up yoga tricks with the help of a qualified, experienced and trustworthy yoga teacher. If you don’t know one, get referrals from your fellow yogis or friends and family.

Know Your Limits

Don’t expose yourself to outrageous exercise that may do more harm than good. “Ahimsa,” for one, encourages the practice of “non-harm.” If you have an injury, for instance, consult your physician or therapist first. Ask your yoga teacher to help you define helpful poses and those to be avoided.

Learn to Breathe

As a beginner, it’s important to know that breathing is central to striking a deeper and healthier balance between your mind and body. Learn to “breathe” into your body in your yoga poses, and stay calm.

Make Friends

You’ll quickly find out that yogis are warm, friendly and resourceful people. Don’t hesitate to strike a friendship with most of them. Not only will it help you learn faster but will also help you create a support network for you. Who knows – you might make a lifetime friend at yoga!

Avoid comparing yourself with others

Yoga is all about your inner self. Always look inwards to gauge your own achievements and progress. After all, there’ll always be more nimble and stronger individuals in your yoga session. When you compare yourself with others, you’ll be sabotaging the unity of your own spirit, body, and mind.

Wear Loose, Comfortable Clothing

Forget about the popular notion of yoga; it’s advisable to wear something that’ll stay put despite all the stretching, movement, and whatnot.

There you are – top yoga tips for beginners. It’s also important that you practice frequently and always respect your inner wisdom. Namaste!