10 Indispensable Benefits of Yoga

September 7, 2017 no comments Posted in Yoga Benefits

Are you thinking about taking up yoga? If yes, then you are right on point. And here 10 reasons why:

#1. Yoga can help you lose weight

With nearly two-thirds of adult Americans either obese or overweight, it is now more important than ever before to have an effective way to shed a few pounds. For one, yoga incorporates some physical exercises that help you burn calories. Of more significance, however, is that yoga can help you stay focused on your weight loss program so you can lose weight and keep it off.

#2. Yoga can help you beat stress

Stress and anxiety are two main culprits in most cases of mental illnesses. With yoga practice, however, you can keep these vices at bay. How? Yoga has been known to encourage production of happy hormones.

#3. Yoga can help you gain self-confidence

The beauty of yoga lies in the fact that it allows healthier, deeper connection between your mind, body and spirit. In turn, this inner connection helps you monitor your progress inwards, creating a sense of achievement. This process can do wonders for your self-esteem.

#4. Yoga makes you flexible

Yoga poses are great for your flexibility. They’ll help you become nimble and comfortable in your skin.

#5. Yoga helps you make friends

Yoga is about creating robust social connection as well as achieving personal progress. After all, yogis are known to be warm, friendly, and resourceful people. It’s no surprise most yogis are lifetime friends.

#6. Yoga builds muscle strength

Strong muscles not only help you look chiseled, but also protect you from an array of conditions such as back pain and arthritis. As if that isn’t fabulous enough, yoga strike a nice balance between flexibility and muscle strength.

#7. Yoga Strengthens your Bones

Yoga ingrains numerous exercises that involve you lifting your own weight. Accordingly, it’s well known that weight-bearing exercises can help you strengthen your bones. This way, you can ward off bone-related conditions like osteoporosis.

#8. Yoga improves circulation

It is well documented that yoga exercises can get your blood flowing. Good circulation, on its side, ensures efficient supply of oxygen and nutrients. Besides, yoga can do wonders for the level of hemoglobin and red blood cells in your body.

#9. Yoga boosts your immunity

All the stretching and contracting of muscles associated with yoga can help you drain the lymph. As such, your body can fight off infection without any hassle.

#10. Yoga revs up your heart rate

Aerobic exercises associated with yoga can help you ward off heart ailments such as hypertension and heart attack.

These are just but a few benefits of yoga. No matter how you look at it, yoga can take your healthy lifestyle from drab to fab in no time!