Tips For Harmonious Living in a House Sharing Manchester arrangement

September 20, 2017 no comments Posted in House Share Manchester

How to live in friendly House Share Manchester 

Living with people that are not your family in the same house can be an exciting thing especially when you are all at the same stage in life. This living arrangement is particularly common among students and friends trying to juggle between being single and having a job.

Due to the close interaction between house mates, House Sharing will in most cases culminate into the formation of family-like bonds. While this type of living arrangement is a fantastic way of forming lasting personal relationships, it is a fact that sharing almost everything can be strenuous. As a precaution, it is important for individuals to assess their level of compatibility with the other house mates. Most important however is to set ground rules that will allocate responsibility to everyone equally so that feelings of being taken for granted do not surface. Here are some areas that need structure;

Bills – in almost all house sharing arrangements, the landlord will collect rent separately for each room. The amount could be uniform but in cases where rooms differ in the amount of fittings, there could be some variation. Whichever the case may be, there will be other expenses such as electricity, water, and gas that must be paid as a lump sum. Is everyone using more or less the same amount of these utilities? So as not overburden others, the best approach would be to open a joint account for these expenses and have every person living in the house contribute an equal share.

Cleanin – if you come from a family where cleaning was done in a certain way following a routine, it can be hard to adjust to other systems. To avoid friction, establish a cleaning rota that includes everyone. This agreement should be signed and upheld strictly so that the house remains clean all the time. You may also hire a housekeeper and contribute an equal share of their wages if all members have busy work or study schedules.

Visitors – you obviously have family and friends beyond the House share Manchester arrangement. It is alright if visitors come over during the day and leave promptly so as not to intrude on other housemates comfort. Think of it this way, these guests will want to eat, bath and even use other provided amenities. If the initial agreement for taking care of bills had every person catering for themselves only, having an extra person would be straining the budget and especially if they will be staying longer than a day.

In Manchester, just like in other cosmopolitan cities, student life is pretty expensive. House share is a long standing tradition of cutting down on personal expenses but it will only work with the right approach.