4 Questions for an End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

September 4, 2017 no comments Posted in Tenancy Cleaners

Some of the most important questions to ask for an end of tenancy cleaning

The excitement of moving to a new house is often tampered by the prospect of doing end of tenancy cleaning of the previous house. Unfortunately, this is a hassle you will find hard to avoid. It is in the tenancy agreement. What is more is that the landlord could dispute the cleaning you do and insist you do the job all over. This is why you need an end of tenancy cleaning North London service. It is the only way you will have the job done right the first time, guaranteeing your chances of having your tenancy deposit back. But there are some things you should know before engaging a cleaning service so that the job is done right.

What will not be handled?

If you have hazardous waste, it is highly likely that a regular cleaning crew will decline to handle it. The same goes for squeamish cleaning that would involve cleaning up human waste, blood and so on. While some cleaning crews would be willing to handle this kind of cleaning for extra cash, it is good to ask beforehand. Getting the off-limits involved is important to avoid a dispute over unfinished work.

What if the work is not well done?

Different cleaning crews have different working ethics. Some will leave the house looking spotless and good as new. Some will do a cursory job and make the house look like a bad painting job. It is important to know what happens when you find the job is not satisfactory. Who gets the bill for the repeat job? This will avoid a prolonged dispute which will most likely bring in the landlord.

Are there extras needed from me?

While many cleaning crews will come fully loaded, it is important that you find out if there is anything they will need from you for the cleaning job. This will make the job easier for the crew and save on time as the crew will get on the job right away.

Who does the supervision?

Many End of Tenancy Cleaners London will not mind your presence or the landlord’s but they will be a bit offended if you start micromanaging what they are doing. They are professional crew who will have their own foreman. Ask if your presence is required anyway in case there are hitches to straighten out.

An end of tenancy cleaning North London service will ensure that your cleaning job is done efficiently, thoroughly and promptly such that you can get your tenancy deposit back quickly.