Things that everyone gets wrong about yoga

August 8, 2017 no comments Posted in Yoga Tips

Largely, everyone that tries out yoga does so to feel great, remain connected, and live a healthy, radiant lifestyle. Although a lot of people are starting to realize the numerous advantages of practicing yoga, many that practice it still get a lot of things wrong about the movement. Yoga can be scary and intimidating, particularly for beginners, however, to enjoy it, it is important to understand what yoga is all about to be able to move with ease, and to be able to allow space and freedom in the process.  The practice of yoga is all about connecting with yourself inwardly, staying easy and having the goal to feel amazing at the end of the process, which leads to impressive results. Here are some things that everyone gets wrong about yoga;

Yoga is about you, not the guru

Yoga philosophy states that the guru is within, however, many people practice memorizing and practicing the rules of a physical leader, who is often referred to as a guru. A guru is there to guide you and teach you, and not to dictate how you live your life. A guru is supposed to impart lessons that then give you the freedom and creativity to live your life based on the philosophies of yoga. This allows you to practice your own yoga, therefore allowing you to experience your power and peace within.

Yoga is hard to understand intellectually

One of the most difficult things about the practice of yoga is attempting to explain it to someone else. It is easy to sit around pontificating and theorizing the practice, however, the best way to understand it is to practice it yourself.

The poses look different on every body

Although there are some moves that work better for advanced yogis while others work better for beginners, one version of a pose is not better than another person’s.  Yoga is mainly about what is happening in the mind and the change that is occurring within; it is not about how great each of the poses looks.  When practicing some of the moves, you should not be more concerned about how some of the moves appear physically. Instead, give yourself time to find the ease in your body and mind. In the end, you will start to enjoy the process and execute the moves better.

Yoga is not a religion

Although yoga emphasizes a connection between the mind, body, and soul, yoga is not a religious movement. Rather, it is a great way to decompress and can also be one of the greatest forms of exercise to include daily. It is also a practice that is intended to cultivate a healthy lifestyle and a more connected spiritual perspective.