Tips for Smooth Moving House with Man and Van Service

September 11, 2017 no comments Posted in Easi Movers London

Using a Man and Van London service to move is increasingly becoming popular especially for moving a small house with few items. The best thing about man and van service is that the van crew assist in the heavy lifting without extra charge. However, the hassle in moving depends on how well the moving has been planned. Here are a few tips to ensure that you move smoothly.


Ensure that access to items is unhindered so that there is smooth movement of items. Clear the stairs, hallway, and doors off any obstacles.

Categorise items

Your items basically fall into 3 categories:

  • Light items which include shoulder bags and holdalls
  • Boxed/ regular shape items that are held in boxes
  • Irregular shaped items e.g. ironing boards, mirrors, standing lamps

Boxed and regular shaped items should be nearest to the exit so that they can be packed first. Next should be irregularly shaped items, and finally light items that can be carried by hand.


Ensure that the boxes are snug and do not protrude on the sides to avoid injuries during loading and unloading. The boxes should be loaded such that they are easily lifted and placed down. If you cannot lift a box, it is very likely even the moving man will not be able to lift it. Take out some items and distribute to other boxes.

Use items that are made to hold luggage e.g. suitcases and rucksacks to carry items. This is better than using polythene bags which are likely to tear when loaded heavily. You could also use gurney bags or garden refuse bags which are thick enough to hold relatively heavy weights.


Bulky furniture like beds, sofas, and cabinets should be dismantled where possible. The dismantling should be done prior to the arrival of man and van to minimize time.  The furniture parts should be taped or tied together to prevent rattling and sliding about while the van is in movement. Ensure to place the screws and nuts into labeled containers so that you can put the items together fast.

Packing the fridge

The fridge should be cleared out prior to packing and loading.  The freezer should be completely defrosted and dried before packing. All kitchen appliances must be cleaned and dried to avoid carrying vermin into the new house.

Packing garden tools

If there are garden tools and equipment to be carried, they should be clean of any soil. Pots carrying potted plants should be put in a polythene bag and tied off where the plant goes into the soil.