Tips For Harmonious Living in a House Sharing Manchester arrangement

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How to live in friendly House Share Manchester 

Living with people that are not your family in the same house can be an exciting thing especially when you are all at the same stage in life. This living arrangement is particularly common among students and friends trying to juggle between being single and having a job.

Due to the close interaction between house mates, House Sharing will in most cases culminate into the formation of family-like bonds. While this type of living arrangement is a fantastic way of forming lasting personal relationships, it is a fact that sharing almost everything can be strenuous. As a precaution, it is important for individuals to assess their level of compatibility with the other house mates. Most important however is to set ground rules that will allocate responsibility to everyone equally so that feelings of being taken for granted do not surface. Here are some areas that need structure;

Bills – in almost all house sharing arrangements, the landlord will collect rent separately for each room. The amount could be uniform but in cases where rooms differ in the amount of fittings, there could be some variation. Whichever the case may be, there will be other expenses such as electricity, water, and gas that must be paid as a lump sum. Is everyone using more or less the same amount of these utilities? So as not overburden others, the best approach would be to open a joint account for these expenses and have every person living in the house contribute an equal share.

Cleanin – if you come from a family where cleaning was done in a certain way following a routine, it can be hard to adjust to other systems. To avoid friction, establish a cleaning rota that includes everyone. This agreement should be signed and upheld strictly so that the house remains clean all the time. You may also hire a housekeeper and contribute an equal share of their wages if all members have busy work or study schedules.

Visitors – you obviously have family and friends beyond the House share Manchester arrangement. It is alright if visitors come over during the day and leave promptly so as not to intrude on other housemates comfort. Think of it this way, these guests will want to eat, bath and even use other provided amenities. If the initial agreement for taking care of bills had every person catering for themselves only, having an extra person would be straining the budget and especially if they will be staying longer than a day.

In Manchester, just like in other cosmopolitan cities, student life is pretty expensive. House share is a long standing tradition of cutting down on personal expenses but it will only work with the right approach.

Starting Out on Yoga? Here are Top Beginner Tips on How to Get the Most out of Yoga

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It’s no big secret that yoga boasts myriad benefits. From sprucing up your mental health to losing weight and everything in-between, the value of yoga in your life is absolute. Starting out on yoga, however, isn’t always a walk in the park.

Try below tips to ace your first yoga experience and get the most out of it.

Food and Drinks

It’s important that you don’t consume any food one or two hours prior to your yoga practice. You can only drink a little water well before the session, but not during practice. Consuming sugar, alcohol or caffeine, however, is a big no-no.

Choose a Great Yoga Teacher

Sure, you can get useful information from tutorial videos and yoga books. However, it’s much more enjoyable and easier to pick up yoga tricks with the help of a qualified, experienced and trustworthy yoga teacher. If you don’t know one, get referrals from your fellow yogis or friends and family.

Know Your Limits

Don’t expose yourself to outrageous exercise that may do more harm than good. “Ahimsa,” for one, encourages the practice of “non-harm.” If you have an injury, for instance, consult your physician or therapist first. Ask your yoga teacher to help you define helpful poses and those to be avoided.

Learn to Breathe

As a beginner, it’s important to know that breathing is central to striking a deeper and healthier balance between your mind and body. Learn to “breathe” into your body in your yoga poses, and stay calm.

Make Friends

You’ll quickly find out that yogis are warm, friendly and resourceful people. Don’t hesitate to strike a friendship with most of them. Not only will it help you learn faster but will also help you create a support network for you. Who knows – you might make a lifetime friend at yoga!

Avoid comparing yourself with others

Yoga is all about your inner self. Always look inwards to gauge your own achievements and progress. After all, there’ll always be more nimble and stronger individuals in your yoga session. When you compare yourself with others, you’ll be sabotaging the unity of your own spirit, body, and mind.

Wear Loose, Comfortable Clothing

Forget about the popular notion of yoga; it’s advisable to wear something that’ll stay put despite all the stretching, movement, and whatnot.

There you are – top yoga tips for beginners. It’s also important that you practice frequently and always respect your inner wisdom. Namaste!

Tips for Smooth Moving House with Man and Van Service

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Using a Man and Van London service to move is increasingly becoming popular especially for moving a small house with few items. The best thing about man and van service is that the van crew assist in the heavy lifting without extra charge. However, the hassle in moving depends on how well the moving has been planned. Here are a few tips to ensure that you move smoothly.


Ensure that access to items is unhindered so that there is smooth movement of items. Clear the stairs, hallway, and doors off any obstacles.

Categorise items

Your items basically fall into 3 categories:

  • Light items which include shoulder bags and holdalls
  • Boxed/ regular shape items that are held in boxes
  • Irregular shaped items e.g. ironing boards, mirrors, standing lamps

Boxed and regular shaped items should be nearest to the exit so that they can be packed first. Next should be irregularly shaped items, and finally light items that can be carried by hand.


Ensure that the boxes are snug and do not protrude on the sides to avoid injuries during loading and unloading. The boxes should be loaded such that they are easily lifted and placed down. If you cannot lift a box, it is very likely even the moving man will not be able to lift it. Take out some items and distribute to other boxes.

Use items that are made to hold luggage e.g. suitcases and rucksacks to carry items. This is better than using polythene bags which are likely to tear when loaded heavily. You could also use gurney bags or garden refuse bags which are thick enough to hold relatively heavy weights.


Bulky furniture like beds, sofas, and cabinets should be dismantled where possible. The dismantling should be done prior to the arrival of man and van to minimize time.  The furniture parts should be taped or tied together to prevent rattling and sliding about while the van is in movement. Ensure to place the screws and nuts into labeled containers so that you can put the items together fast.

Packing the fridge

The fridge should be cleared out prior to packing and loading.  The freezer should be completely defrosted and dried before packing. All kitchen appliances must be cleaned and dried to avoid carrying vermin into the new house.

Packing garden tools

If there are garden tools and equipment to be carried, they should be clean of any soil. Pots carrying potted plants should be put in a polythene bag and tied off where the plant goes into the soil.

10 Indispensable Benefits of Yoga

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Are you thinking about taking up yoga? If yes, then you are right on point. And here 10 reasons why:

#1. Yoga can help you lose weight

With nearly two-thirds of adult Americans either obese or overweight, it is now more important than ever before to have an effective way to shed a few pounds. For one, yoga incorporates some physical exercises that help you burn calories. Of more significance, however, is that yoga can help you stay focused on your weight loss program so you can lose weight and keep it off.

#2. Yoga can help you beat stress

Stress and anxiety are two main culprits in most cases of mental illnesses. With yoga practice, however, you can keep these vices at bay. How? Yoga has been known to encourage production of happy hormones.

#3. Yoga can help you gain self-confidence

The beauty of yoga lies in the fact that it allows healthier, deeper connection between your mind, body and spirit. In turn, this inner connection helps you monitor your progress inwards, creating a sense of achievement. This process can do wonders for your self-esteem.

#4. Yoga makes you flexible

Yoga poses are great for your flexibility. They’ll help you become nimble and comfortable in your skin.

#5. Yoga helps you make friends

Yoga is about creating robust social connection as well as achieving personal progress. After all, yogis are known to be warm, friendly, and resourceful people. It’s no surprise most yogis are lifetime friends.

#6. Yoga builds muscle strength

Strong muscles not only help you look chiseled, but also protect you from an array of conditions such as back pain and arthritis. As if that isn’t fabulous enough, yoga strike a nice balance between flexibility and muscle strength.

#7. Yoga Strengthens your Bones

Yoga ingrains numerous exercises that involve you lifting your own weight. Accordingly, it’s well known that weight-bearing exercises can help you strengthen your bones. This way, you can ward off bone-related conditions like osteoporosis.

#8. Yoga improves circulation

It is well documented that yoga exercises can get your blood flowing. Good circulation, on its side, ensures efficient supply of oxygen and nutrients. Besides, yoga can do wonders for the level of hemoglobin and red blood cells in your body.

#9. Yoga boosts your immunity

All the stretching and contracting of muscles associated with yoga can help you drain the lymph. As such, your body can fight off infection without any hassle.

#10. Yoga revs up your heart rate

Aerobic exercises associated with yoga can help you ward off heart ailments such as hypertension and heart attack.

These are just but a few benefits of yoga. No matter how you look at it, yoga can take your healthy lifestyle from drab to fab in no time!

4 Questions for an End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

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Some of the most important questions to ask for an end of tenancy cleaning

The excitement of moving to a new house is often tampered by the prospect of doing end of tenancy cleaning of the previous house. Unfortunately, this is a hassle you will find hard to avoid. It is in the tenancy agreement. What is more is that the landlord could dispute the cleaning you do and insist you do the job all over. This is why you need an end of tenancy cleaning North London service. It is the only way you will have the job done right the first time, guaranteeing your chances of having your tenancy deposit back. But there are some things you should know before engaging a cleaning service so that the job is done right.

What will not be handled?

If you have hazardous waste, it is highly likely that a regular cleaning crew will decline to handle it. The same goes for squeamish cleaning that would involve cleaning up human waste, blood and so on. While some cleaning crews would be willing to handle this kind of cleaning for extra cash, it is good to ask beforehand. Getting the off-limits involved is important to avoid a dispute over unfinished work.

What if the work is not well done?

Different cleaning crews have different working ethics. Some will leave the house looking spotless and good as new. Some will do a cursory job and make the house look like a bad painting job. It is important to know what happens when you find the job is not satisfactory. Who gets the bill for the repeat job? This will avoid a prolonged dispute which will most likely bring in the landlord.

Are there extras needed from me?

While many cleaning crews will come fully loaded, it is important that you find out if there is anything they will need from you for the cleaning job. This will make the job easier for the crew and save on time as the crew will get on the job right away.

Who does the supervision?

Many End of Tenancy Cleaners London will not mind your presence or the landlord’s but they will be a bit offended if you start micromanaging what they are doing. They are professional crew who will have their own foreman. Ask if your presence is required anyway in case there are hitches to straighten out.

An end of tenancy cleaning North London service will ensure that your cleaning job is done efficiently, thoroughly and promptly such that you can get your tenancy deposit back quickly.

Tricks to Get the Best Tenancy Cleaning Prices

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If you are moving into a house, it is most likely that you need every penny you can get to help you settle in the new house and neighbourhood. The tenancy deposit reimbursement you get certainly helps to ease things. But you can only get it if the end of tenancy cleaning has been done right. A poorly done job will be disputed by the landlord who can hold onto the tenancy deposit to pay for a repeat job. That is why you need professional end of tenancy cleaning service. But some people fear that cleaning services will cost them a lot. This is untrue. There are several tricks you can use to get good tenancy cleaning prices.

Scour services wanted

The ads are full of people who want cleaning services, and cleaning service providers offering their services. Let those who have already done the heavy lifting help you out. Look for phone numbers of those who were asking for cleaning services and ask them if they got a good cleaning service. Ask about the price. If it is favourable, use the same cleaning service.  Ask around and you will get what you are looking for.

Word of mouth

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices do not change very fast. If you know of a colleague at work or someone who used to be your neighbour and moved, ask them.  You will have several recommendations to work with. You could get that they personally know someone at the cleaning service. The cleaning service will be happy enough to get a referral client that you will get the best tenancy cleaning prices you could ever.

Competing quotes

It is very common for business rivals to undercut one another in prices. Ideally, you should get quotes from at least 3 cleaning services. Pick the lowest and go show it to another cleaning service. You will be surprised that there will be room for a further discount.  You can be sure these are best tenancy cleaning prices you can get.

Offering a hand

Cleaning services will first take into account the number of the cleaning crew as a base cost and then add other costs and a margin for the final price. You could offer to lend a hand as one of the crew. While some will be reluctant to take up the offer, some will agree and cut the price of one cleaner.

These are some of the tricks you can use to get the best tenancy cleaning prices. A combination of these tricks will work even better.

Things that everyone gets wrong about yoga

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Largely, everyone that tries out yoga does so to feel great, remain connected, and live a healthy, radiant lifestyle. Although a lot of people are starting to realize the numerous advantages of practicing yoga, many that practice it still get a lot of things wrong about the movement. Yoga can be scary and intimidating, particularly for beginners, however, to enjoy it, it is important to understand what yoga is all about to be able to move with ease, and to be able to allow space and freedom in the process.  The practice of yoga is all about connecting with yourself inwardly, staying easy and having the goal to feel amazing at the end of the process, which leads to impressive results. Here are some things that everyone gets wrong about yoga;

Yoga is about you, not the guru

Yoga philosophy states that the guru is within, however, many people practice memorizing and practicing the rules of a physical leader, who is often referred to as a guru. A guru is there to guide you and teach you, and not to dictate how you live your life. A guru is supposed to impart lessons that then give you the freedom and creativity to live your life based on the philosophies of yoga. This allows you to practice your own yoga, therefore allowing you to experience your power and peace within.

Yoga is hard to understand intellectually

One of the most difficult things about the practice of yoga is attempting to explain it to someone else. It is easy to sit around pontificating and theorizing the practice, however, the best way to understand it is to practice it yourself.

The poses look different on every body

Although there are some moves that work better for advanced yogis while others work better for beginners, one version of a pose is not better than another person’s.  Yoga is mainly about what is happening in the mind and the change that is occurring within; it is not about how great each of the poses looks.  When practicing some of the moves, you should not be more concerned about how some of the moves appear physically. Instead, give yourself time to find the ease in your body and mind. In the end, you will start to enjoy the process and execute the moves better.

Yoga is not a religion

Although yoga emphasizes a connection between the mind, body, and soul, yoga is not a religious movement. Rather, it is a great way to decompress and can also be one of the greatest forms of exercise to include daily. It is also a practice that is intended to cultivate a healthy lifestyle and a more connected spiritual perspective.

Tips to help you do yoga at home

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Yoga is extremely dynamic and can be practiced anywhere, even at home.  For busy individuals that do not have the time to visit a yoga studio frequently, practicing yoga at home can be one of the best solutions. Yoga is a complete work out that exercises the mind, soul, and body, and it works. It is true, yoga may not be for everyone, but it has been proven to be effective in weight loss, dealing with stress, and body issues such as back and joint pain. Yoga is also quite inexpensive because all you need to get started is comfortable workout gear, a towel, and a usable mat. If you are looking to start practicing yoga at home, here are some tips to help you get started:

Find a comfortable spot to get started

If you have an extra room in your house or living space, you can devote the spot for your yoga. All you need to do is unroll your mat and get started. You can also easily move some things around if you live in a cramped apartment. Try and locate a peaceful and quiet spot that does not have many distractions. You can also select a location with a wall that can double up as a great prop if you are new to the practice. You can practice yoga anywhere as long as there is ample space so that you are not bumping into anything.

Get the right accessories

To get started, the only accessory you will need is a mat, preferably one that is non-slip.  Yoga mats are cheap and easily accessible; they also come in a range of designs and materials such as organic ones. Blocks can also be used especially if you have a tight body, although books can also be used alternatively.

Always practice safety

It is always important to practice safety when doing any yoga moves.  It is always vital to watch your boundaries and be mindful of some of the vulnerable areas of your body such as the neck, hips, knees, and spine. If you experience any painful sensations at any point, you should try adjusting your pose; do not try to push beyond your limits or you could get seriously hurt. Always warm up your body before starting the process.

Select your style carefully

When selecting your preferred style, it is important to first ask yourself what it is that your body and mind needs.  Do you need something active to get your athletic lifestyle going or do you need to try out a restorative style that can ease the body and mind? Whichever style you select, try and practice it consistently; the more you practice, the more you learn and recognize what your body needs.